Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Traits of a Good Leader

A good leader is someone who is:
Caring, so that he does not over-work his teammates 
Responsible, so he will be responsible for his team's actions
Trustworthy, so that his team members will not be suspicious of his actions which will lead them to splitting up of the team 
Inspiring, so he will be able to set a good example for his teammates to follow, 
Just, so he will judge fairly,
Not"shallow" so that he will think about his actions and how they will affect others, Creative, so that he will be able to think out of the box and lead his team to success, Confident, so he will be able to lead effectively, vision, so he will be able to successfully convince his followers and make them understand the need for change, which will ultimately result in the achievement of their common goal, 
Last but not least, he/she should have Good communication skills in order for him to convey his message to the team clearly.

By Joshua Leong


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