Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE Activity - Balram Sharma (#06)

Good leaders should be confident and talented. They should be passionate and compassionate, and should be disciplined. After all, all leaders need to follow the rules that they are bound to. Leaders must be creative and persistent. They should inspire those under their leadership.

I think a good leader manages crisis under stressful situations by keeping calm and thinking rationally. They do not over-react, nor do they make rash decisions in their rage or state of panic. Good leaders should be able to keep all that they are in charge of under control in these situations. They should be decisive and should be able to make good decisions as quickly as possible. 

A good leader should be able to exercise self-control and persistence in times of crisis. The way I see it, a good leader who cannot control him/herself and persevere in times of crisis cannot lead a team through times of crisis, and is, therefore, not a good leader. 

All in all, a good leader should be confident, talented, passionate, compassionate, disciplined, persistent and able to control him/herself, not only in times of crisis, but all the time. He or she should be rational-minded, too. These skills and traits, in my opinion,  are necessary to become or be a good leader.

Written by: Balram Sharma (#06, S1-03)


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