Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - vemulapalli sri dhruti (05)

Inspire not Command.

The best leader will inspire his followers. He will lead, yet people will not feel that they are being led. If you direct people through issuing proclamations and directives, you will come up against opposition and resistance. The most effective leadership is to help others feel they are working from their own initiative. To inspire your fellow workers in this way, it is necessary to lead by example and offer encouragement where appropriate.

Have Confidence and Belief.

Confidence and belief are important for effective leadership. The nature of the human mind is to expect the worst senario. Unless a leader can maintain a clear vision of where he wishes to go, others will not follow. If a leader has an iron will and tremendous self belief, he can can inspire others very powerfully to pursue the ideal.

Be willing to admit Mistakes.

A good leader needs the strength to ignore criticism. However, many leaders make the mistake of thinking this means that they can never admit they are wrong. Actually, this stubbornness is usually the result of their own ego. They don't want to admit their mistakes because they feel this would make them look stupid. However, to persist with the wrong strategy, just to try and prove yourself correct, is the worst thing a leader can do. A leader should ignore his ego and change course if events prove different to expectations. People appreciate a leader who can admit his mistakes, but if you keep making mistakes all the time people will lose faith in your competence.

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