Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Sharifa Suhailah (04)

1.) A leader must be outspoken, open-minded, patient, have a sense of never giving up and have the ability to influence others. All the qualities are important as a leader should be able to state his opinions and ideas. His ideas could be of a great contribution to his group or team. A leader should also be open minded as he should be able to listen to others' suggestions and ideas, not only thinking that he's own ideas are best. A leader should be patient. Especially when facing challenges. He should not give up but attempt the challenge again and again until it is conquered. Lastly, according to my opinion, a great leader should be able to influence others. I think that it is the most important quality, but also the toughest. Having the ability to influence others is important and useful as it can change a person into doing the right things.

2.) Under a stressful situation, a leader should think of ways to solve the problem he's facing instead of freaking out. Getting all the help he can get, asking help from friends and teachers. Even though stressed, he should have the motivation to complete the work and should be determined. 

*No source referred to. 

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