Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Lee Jee Hoon (13)

             There are many types of leaders in this world. There are also many types of leaders too. However, all the leaders have some points in common. Firstly, they are responsible. No one would trust a person who has no responsibility as their agreements would not meet well easily. Also, it will lead the group to the end when they're not well-taken care of, not knowing how they are doing. Secondly, all the leaders have respect towards others. A leader does not mean he or she can control people in anyway they want. Leader must know that he or she is also the part of the group, with more rights in more important position but still same as the others. They must respect the group members of him or her and work for the group, not solely for the leader's benefit. 
             When leaders face a situation when they are in difficult decision or disagreements among the group, he or she must first understand about other people first before they speak their opinion out. Leaders cannot be selfish or one-sided as it will not be fair for the others who disagree with it. Then, leaders must not use force to make peace but use non-violence. It is not good to force people to do as this will cause defiance.

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