Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Gregory Ooi (09)

Being a leader, is not about forcing. At any rate of action he does, he should, perhaps, muse, before commanding. Despite having the authority to actually command, the leader must also learn to control his emotions, not enabling it to overwhelm him. It actually takes courage and guts to do such things. Each leader has a speciality; a unique, special way of commanding. There are actually two: the silent one, and the 'noisy' one. The silent one usually seldom talks, he only commands through notes, or with hand gestures. The silent one knows that there are people out there, talking bad about him, mentioning that he is too lenient; too timid to speak out loud. Now, why do I say 'noisy'? Well, it is mainly because I just figure out the right word(sorry...). Anyway, as to the 'noisy' leader, he speaks through the mike often. Shouting out names, getting people to obey. It isn't that all easy on him. People will actually think of him as a bossy person. He does not mean it, but he doesn't know how to handle it. People might resent him, but he knows that it is right of him to do whatever he is doing. 
The controlling of the emotions is the most important, for it does differentiate you from the rest. 

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